Reese Witherspoon hearts Monsters


Reese Witherspoon attended the premiere of Monsters V. Aliens and posed next to that thing….

I like Reese, I really do, but her latest film choices have really saddened me. Penelope.. Rendition… The first two can be forgiven, but for the love of God, whyyyy FOUR CHRISTMASES?! After that I decided that I wasn’t going to support any of her movies until she got back to the quality acting that got her the Oscar.  I mean, I cried when she won.  I supported her all the way through.  And then she threw it all away with those movies. So I had hope that MAYBE she would get it right with her next film.

Sadly, I don’t think Monsters V. Aliens is going to do that. She’s even back with Keiffer Southerland, who some of you may remember co-starred with her in the most amazing re-telling of Little Red Riding Hood EVER.  (That being Freeway) Unfortunately, they picked a movie where they were  animated and fighting monsters and aliens to follow it up with.

Can someone please do a talent intervention with her? Please?


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